How to Think Strategically About Outsourcing

Learning what your company can and cannot do is probably one of the most crucial insights you can gain. Where are your resources, time, and effort being wasted? What parts of your customer journey should you create yourself, and which should you delegate to someone who can make them better, faster, or cheaper? 

Join us and Jose María Boronat from Philips to discover your path to successful customer experience partnerships.

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How to Think Strategically About Outsourcing

Outsourcing partnerships is not just a way to unload non-core costs. The real play is to use it as a tool to drive strategic value, transform businesses, and even fundamentally change industry dynamics.

This shift from traditional outsourcing to global collaboration has become a competitive advantage for many top-tier companies and leaders and, over time, will likely turn into a competitive necessity for all.

Join the conversation with Jose María Boronat from Philips as he shares his successful path to creating an award-winning, integrated, scalable, and flexible customer service organization in a time of increased demand.

Featured Speaker

Jose María is a global customer experience expert, keynote speaker, and customer service leader, presently heading Philips’ Global Contact Center and Enablement organizations.

Recognized by his peers as one of the most outstanding leaders in his field, Jose María comes with a strong background in multinational and multicultural service delivery. With a solid contact center industry knowledge, backed by an extensive success record in process transformation, he has been fundamental in supporting the expansion of Philips’ service culture across the globe.

Jose María Boronat

Global Contact Center and Global Enablement Leader at Philips

Best Outsourcing Partnership

Learn from the award-winning partnership of Philips and Teleperformance in Greece, recognized by the European Contact Center and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) — the biggest and most established awards program in the customer contact industry. 

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